Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

What Value this Product brings:


  • Customer specific product realized
    at short Notice
  • Product Designed for a specific market/ country (Russia)
  • Exclusive Proprietary rights for Customer
  • Product range from Silver up to Gold
  • Low mintages of only 50pcs for the gold
  • Highest minting quality made in Germany
  • Coins were sold out before the actual minting
  • Gained huge media interest in Russia




Nation:   Cameroon Cameroon
Face Value:   1,000 Francs 2,000 Francs
Year:    2015 2015
Mintage:   500 pcs. 50 pcs.
Metal:   .999 Silver .900 Gold
Weight:    25 g 23 g
Diameter:   38.61 mm 30.00 mm

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