The Technology

Using new techniques of microelectronics, the Nano chip is produced under hard vacuum and in a completely dust-free environment.

The chip is made out of high-purity, ultra-planar vitreous silica with a lamination of structured metals.


On a chip the size of a human fingernail the chip can contain up to 1,000 pages worth of words or pictures. The chip and the contained information can even be processed by a computer, allowing to digitally safe them.

We Realise Your Project

Beside issuing Numiscom Nano coins like the Bible, we are also able to offer you your very own Nano coin, tailored exactly to your needs and wishes.


The possibilities are endlessly when using this incredible new technique - everything can be put on your own Nano Chip.


Let us know your topic and we create an exclusive Nano coin for your market !


Metal:  Silver (Ag.999)

Weight:  1 oz Ag

Diameter: 38.6 mm

Features: Bible on Nano Chip

Quality:  Proof

Packaging: Capsule + Box, Certificate



Product Video