Legacy of Silver

The last silver coins of the world. Man has recognised the qualities of silver for several thousand years and has practiced the science of minting silver coinage at least as far back as 650 BC. However, most nations abandoned their silver coins during the silver boom in the 1970s.


The Legacy of Silver consists of the last circulation coins in silver, presenting your customers true witnesses of time.

The Carson City Collection

The Carson City Collection and its mintmark CCC honours the famous mint and the glorious history of the gold and silver rush.


With the Morgan Dollar as starter, our collection consists of ten silver coins, each with the CCC mintmark and partially gilded with 24kt gold.

World War One

World War I, also known as the Great War, changed the world forever. Between 1914 and 1918 more than 40 countries were involved and around 1.35 billion people were under elligerency, meaning roughly three-forths of world population.


With our stunning and extensive collection, you  can grant your customers access to this chapter of world history.


The collection is ideal as a subscription program but can be taken as a oneshot as well. The complete collection of WWI includes 32 pages, more than 15 historic coins, over 10 stamps, original banknotes, bonds and several facsimiles.