2 Euro / 2 Euro coloured

Collecting 2 Euro commemorative coin has become extremely popular over the last years. Every huge coin company has a 2 Euro programme running very successfully.


A new trend: 2 Euro commemorative coins with colour enrichment. The coin motif is highlighted by digital printing techniques, the coin appears in a fascinating new light.


If you would like us to enrich coins with your own motif plese see our Numiscom Service

1 Cent Premium Folder

Using the low-priced " 1 cent Premium Collection" you have the perfect starter for your Euro coin programme. The album contains the 1 cent coins from all 19 Euronations coloured with their country flag.


Also suitable as one-shot prodct!




Euro / Pre-Euro Folders

With the introduction of the Euro in 2002 collecting Euro coin sets is is very popular. With Lithuania joining the Euro-Zone on January 1st, 2015 there are 19 Euro-States. We offer all 19 Euro and Pre-Euro sets in corresponding folders plus Box.

Official Issues

Rely on Numiscom when it comes to issues fresh from the Mint.


We are official distributor for almost every mint worldwide, from Europe to Asia.


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