"What makes Numiscom unique?  Simple. It's the people."


Oliver Jungherr

managing partner Numiscom





CEO Vision for Numiscom

Welcome to the world of coins!

As CEO and co-founder of Numiscom I’m proud to welcome you on our tour through the fascinating world of numismatic coins. When the Jungherr family founded the company back in 2002, no one could foresee the success and development we would manage to achieve.


Within a few years we grew from a 3-man startup literally working in the garage to a medium-sized enterprise with more than 30 employees and enough premises for a growing machine park. Here at Numiscom we take pride in our passion for coins and our passion for the customer. Our goal is to realize your ideas and to create products that are worth collecting and will satisfy the coin collectors worldwide.


Each and every day my team and I have the joy to master new challenges, develop ambitious technical innovations and organize thousands of small tasks of project management at the same time.

But doesn’t that get boring? No! In fact, this is what fills our fuel, this is our drive and ambition! Our team is eager to invent new products, to overcome obstacles and to create solutions no dared to think of before.
As typical Germans we are only happy if the output is 110% perfect before we start to celebrate.
We live to see the smile on our customer’s faces! Come aboard and discover the fascinating world of coins.