Bullion Brought to Life - Eagle set of three

What Value this Product brings:


  • American Silver Eagle in 1986, first concept realized by US Mint
  • Silver Eagle became one of the most significant silver coins of the world
  • Enormous mintage quantities for BU quality
    and strictly limited proof special issues.
  • On 30th anniversary of numismatic icon sculpture coin with the Eagle appeared in 2016.
  • Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide
  • Innovative connection of most progressive minting art and blacksmithing a 3D sculpture


Nation:            Burkina Faso
Face Value:       1000 Francs
Year:               2016
Mintage:          1000 pcs.
Quality:           PL
Weight:           Coin:1oz silver
Eagle:28g gilded, antique plated and silver plated
Diameter:         40.00 mm
Feature:  Sculpture

Issues of the Series:

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