Custom Enrichment - 2 Euro partially Colourisation

What Value this Product brings:


  • Most successful collectors program
  • Huge stock of 2 Euro commemorative
    coins available
  • 250 plus Colour 2 Euros Designs
  • Different Enrichments (Holograms,
    Partial gilding, 24 kt Gilding and others)
  • Different customized packaging
  • Low prized product with high margin
  • Fantastic eyecatcher through photorealistic colourisation and stunning designs
  • High customer satisfaction


Nation:            Various
Face Value:       2 Euro
Year:               Various
Metal:            CuNi, CuZn
Weight:           8.50 g
Diameter:         25,75 mm

Other Enrichments:

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Partial Hologram effect

Partial Gilding

24k gold-plating